They See Me Trollin’

Ok… this is sort of a cheat entry because I didn’t make it specifically for my blog. I decided to submit it however, because I want to start giving Bag of Bees some love again. The idea is that this will kick start my motivation a bit and I’ll start submitting something here at least […]

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Crystalsong Variation

I felt like doing another image based on Crystalsong, but the idea was to do it as though it were autumn and the trees looked a little different than usual. At first I made it without the leaves, which was about 45 minutes. After I uploaded this I got the itch to tinker around with […]

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Crystalsong Forest

This one is based off of a zone in World of Warcraft. It’s pretty sloppy, but I think it gets the vibe across.  About half an hour in this one.

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