They See Me Trollin’

Ok… this is sort of a cheat entry because I didn’t make it specifically for my blog. I decided to submit it however, because I want to start giving Bag of Bees some love again. The idea is that this will kick start my motivation a bit and I’ll start submitting something here at least […]

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Hooded Girl

This started out as fabric practice, which is a bit odd seeing as I didn’t spend that much time on the cloth. Oh, and trees sprouted out of the doodles – big surprise!


I was in the mood to paint something with long, pale hair, though I ended up being rather sloppy with it in the end. This particular gal is based on the face of HannahHavoc from DA.

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Nohea Sketch Revisited

While I was originally thinking this character would be in a slightly modern post-apocalyptic style setting, I decided I would have a lot more fun developing her if I stayed in the fantasy realm. The main thing that was giving her the modern appearance was the spaghetti strap top, so I went in and changed […]

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Nohea – Concept 2

A second concept I did of the character Nohea, focusing mostly on how the disfigured portion of her body might look. I’m not quite sure that I want to have to appear this grotesque yet, and in general the age of the girl portrayed here is younger and “cuter” than I would like. Also, painting […]

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Nohea – Concept Sketch

It’s been sooooo long since I drew something on paper, I’m completely out of practice and have almost completely forgotten how to do line art. I’m so used to taking a painterly approach to working that I may as well have done this with my feet, haha. However, I did want to come up with […]

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Female Profile

I rather like painting profiles, so I figured that’s what I would do today. I had also intended to have more visible brushstrokes, since I can be a bit blend-crazy… but I ending up smoothing a lot of them out anyway. Oops, hehe.

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Classic Pose

I felt like doing something with fabric and I found a great little stock reference from DA. 1.5-2 hours on this one. I might go back and polish it later, but I do think there is a certain charm that comes with looser painted images like this.

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Nightmare Eyes

I don’t really know what’s going on with this lady. She’s got creepy eyes. She has no body. She’s wrapped in fabric. Oh and she’s levitating it seems! All elements that make for a fun time if you ask me. Just under an hour went into painting her.

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Flowing White

Getting this whole sketchblog thing underway! I aim to do at least one sketch or speedpaint a day. If for some reason I miss one I make up for it by doing two the following day. That’s the plan anyway – we’ll see how long I actually stick with it. 😉 This is the first […]

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