Failure Is A Foot

I decided to do a study of my anatomical arch nemesis – the foot. My understanding of the way a foot works beneath the skin is pretty limited, so it came out less structured than I would have liked. There is a bit of blobbiness going on. That’s the point in practicing though, right? 😀

May 22, 2009 • Tags: , • Posted in: Speedpaints • 2 Comments

Hand Study

Hands and feet are both very difficult for me to paint, so I decided to do a quick hand study tonight. Done in maybe a half an hour or so. I’ll probably do more of these – and some feet ones as well.

May 21, 2009 • Tags: , • Posted in: Speedpaints • 2 Comments

Female Profile

I rather like painting profiles, so I figured that’s what I would do today. I had also intended to have more visible brushstrokes, since I can be a bit blend-crazy… but I ending up smoothing a lot of them out anyway. Oops, hehe.

April 28, 2009 • Tags: , , • Posted in: Speedpaints • 2 Comments

Classic Pose

I felt like doing something with fabric and I found a great little stock reference from DA. 1.5-2 hours on this one. I might go back and polish it later, but I do think there is a certain charm that comes with looser painted images like this.

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Figure Study

A quick figure study of a man, based off of a photo reference. Done in roughly 15 minutes.

April 23, 2009 • Tags: , • Posted in: Speedpaints • One Comment