Nohea’s Dagger Concept

Since the character Nohea is currently low level and sort of wanders the wilderness on her own, I knew that I wanted her weapon to be simple and primitive. Even though I don’t get points for doing weapon concepts in ArtPG I decided to do it for myself to help detail out the character a […]

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This is a flimgurd – he’s a variety of cave goblin that likes to pick on adventurers in a number of annoying ways. I made up for my laziness from yesterday by spending several hours on this one. The art nouveau style was done as part of a theme for the ArtPG project.

Nohea Sketch Revisited

While I was originally thinking this character would be in a slightly modern post-apocalyptic style setting, I decided I would have a lot more fun developing her if I stayed in the fantasy realm. The main thing that was giving her the modern appearance was the spaghetti strap top, so I went in and changed […]

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Mossweb Hatchling

Another image done for the same project that the Nohea character comes from. It’s a low level mob that kills you with cute.

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Nohea – Concept 2

A second concept I did of the character Nohea, focusing mostly on how the disfigured portion of her body might look. I’m not quite sure that I want to have to appear this grotesque yet, and in general the age of the girl portrayed here is younger and “cuter” than I would like. Also, painting […]

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Nohea – Concept Sketch

It’s been sooooo long since I drew something on paper, I’m completely out of practice and have almost completely forgotten how to do line art. I’m so used to taking a painterly approach to working that I may as well have done this with my feet, haha. However, I did want to come up with […]

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