Hey Lady, Take Off Yo’ Head!

I watched several clips from the movie Labyrinth recently and decided I wanted to paint my favorite fiery from the Chilly Down song scene. I love his maniacal scream when he leaps out in the beginning! EEE-YAAAAGHHH HAHAHAHA!

You dont need two ears!

You don't need two ears!

May 11, 2009 • Tags: , , , • Posted in: Speedpaints

5 Responses to “Hey Lady, Take Off Yo’ Head!”

  1. Joe The Wizard - May 11, 2009

    Take his head off!

  2. Zana - May 11, 2009

    Haha, I *love* this one!

  3. yoletta - February 25, 2010

    erm could yuo tell me what media you use, becouse u mention taht it takes you and houre or so to do most of these things and im wondering how? i meen do you paint them or are they compter images, excuse my ignorance?

  4. Pocketmole - April 9, 2010

    yoletta – sorry for the very, very delayed response but it took me a while to sort through and delete all of the spam comments i receive on this blog. in answer to your question, i make these images in photoshop with a wacom drawing tablet.

  5. Jon - July 2, 2012

    That is beautiful and amazing. Love the eyes so much.

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