Nohea – Concept Sketch

It’s been sooooo long since I drew something on paper, I’m completely out of practice and have almost completely forgotten how to do line art. I’m so used to taking a painterly approach to working that I may as well have done this with my feet, haha. However, I did want to come up with a concept sketch for a character I’m forming… so I got out the ol’ pencil and paper to do some doodling. I photographed it (too lazy to hook up the scanner) and brought it into Photoshop to clean it up and add some highlights. It’s sort of small – I shrunk it down so that it’s harder to see how bad it is, hahaha. >_>

Here is the story behind her:

Nohea was born with an unusual illness that may be viewed as either a blessing or a curse. Magical energy surges through her body, making her a potentially formidable foe – however she has yet to learn how to harness it without causing great injury to herself. While the disease spreads slowly on it’s own, any sort of emotional outburst can make the power boil to the surface and eat her body alive. By a early age she had already lost both her right arm and eye.

Being seen as a monster, Nohea was shunned from her village, left to wander the wastelands young and alone. While not quite savage, she is definitely more of a free spirit and does not conform well to the rules of modern society.

Nohea the Outcast

Nohea the Outcast

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