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Texture Study

There was no particular subject in mind today, so I decided to do a few texture studies instead. I wish I could say that I learned something from doing these but I’m not sure that I did. I wish I had finished them more quickly. I plan on doing some more and hopefully I can […]

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This style is different from what I usually do. I tried to leave a little more focus on the line art, which is difficult because I really lack confidence in my drawing skills. This was really fun to make though. It’s tempting to go back and spend a couple of hours polishing it up but […]

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I realized that I hadn’t gotten around to doing a painting at the end of the night, so I whipped up this quickie portrait. He’s a dog that belongs to two lovely people I know.  

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Speed Paint Veil

Another piece where I wanted to work quickly – about an hour in this case. I used a stock photo from a great gallery over on DA. The anatomy is all kinds of wonky, but I was more interested in setting a particular mood and getting the look of the fabric right. Yeah. Excuses.  

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Reddit Gets Drawn

Whenever I’m unsure of what to paint for the day I often fall back to doing portraits. The subreddit /r/redditgetsdrawn has proven to be a great source of reference photos for this task. It’s fun to have this kind of symbiotic relationship with the subject where they want to be drawn and I want to […]

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Forest Sketch

Another subject that I tend to find soothing to paint is foliage. I like detailing out trees, tree bark, ferns, branches, flowers, blades of grass… all that stuff. It can be difficult for me to work quickly when doing these sort of environment pieces, so setting a time limit for myself is quite a challenge. […]

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The Invisible Man

A couple of years ago my boyfriend made a badass costume of the invisible man for Halloween. It made for a really fun painting subject. I intentionally tried to keep this one loose, as I have a tendency to overwork my paintings.  

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Sad Little Bun

After an Easter-themed D&D campaign where we slayed a horrible rabbit beast, I decided to go home and paint a vague rendition of how I imagined it to look. Google image searching pulled up an image of this pitiful baby rabbit that had yet to grow in all of its fur. While I originally intended […]

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Raven Sketch

Another speed painting done in an effort to loosen up after some severe downtime. You may notice a theme with the last few sketch paints, which is that I’m playing with color a lot.  

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Goldfish Sketch

A very quick painting done to shake off some rust and take advantage of playful colors again. Someone posted a photo of their fish and I decided to whip this up for him.  

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