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Hooded Girl

This started out as fabric practice, which is a bit odd seeing as I didn’t spend that much time on the cloth. Oh, and trees sprouted out of the doodles – big surprise!

Failure Is A Foot

I decided to do a study of my anatomical arch nemesis – the foot. My understanding of the way a foot works beneath the skin is pretty limited, so it came out less structured than I would have liked. There is a bit of blobbiness going on. That’s the point in practicing though, right? 😀

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Lava Flow Meets The Sea

Someone I know mentioned having a dream about lava flowing into water, and it inspired me to paint this. It took me about an hour and a half to do.

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Hand Study

Hands and feet are both very difficult for me to paint, so I decided to do a quick hand study tonight. Done in maybe a half an hour or so. I’ll probably do more of these – and some feet ones as well.

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Melting Crimson Tree

I downloaded some new Photoshop brushes the other day and decided to play around with them a bit. A tree tends to sprout when I’m tinkering. The lighting in this is kind of wonky, but I think the colors are kinda fun.

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Feathered Back

Someone sent me an image of a green bird and decided I wanted to paint it. This was mainly a color and texture study – and I decided not to follow the colors of the original. I wanted it to be a little darker and more bluey. Yeah. Bluey.


I was in the mood to paint something with long, pale hair, though I ended up being rather sloppy with it in the end. This particular gal is based on the face of HannahHavoc from DA.

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Photo referenced snail image done in an hour or so. In some ways this was just a texture study – but mainly I just think snails are cute.

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Hey Lady, Take Off Yo’ Head!

I watched several clips from the movie Labyrinth recently and decided I wanted to paint my favorite fiery from the Chilly Down song scene. I love his maniacal scream when he leaps out in the beginning! EEE-YAAAAGHHH HAHAHAHA!

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Nohea’s Dagger Concept

Since the character Nohea is currently low level and sort of wanders the wilderness on her own, I knew that I wanted her weapon to be simple and primitive. Even though I don’t get points for doing weapon concepts in ArtPG I decided to do it for myself to help detail out the character a […]

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